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The Extreme Food Truck Makeover of NeJame Realty Food Truck

We were contacted by NeJame Realty to do some upgrades to their existing Food Truck. Our mission was to create additional advertising centers where NeJame Realty could use to offer their affiliate base, including mortgage companies, etc.

When we got the truck in, it was in quite a stage of despair. There were safety issues with screws protruding thru walls, painting that was done improperly and overspray onto the wrap, bumpers that were unattractive, and an interior that was cold, bare, and univiting, as well as an abundance of other touchups and fixes we saw that could stand improvement.

Our goal was to put an element of warmth in order to match the truck's brand and strategies. In addition, to open up a ton more advertising space we manufactured and installed a rooftop structure that houses 10 additional advertising spaces, as well as a rear rooftop Digital LED Signage system for news, announcements and extra visibility.

The result, with the extra touch of interior home sconces on the wooded walls, pulled together the vision of realty, home, and and ambiance that better matches Mark NeJame's brand.

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Makeover Shots

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